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FluteJam may or may not be The World's Longest Posse Cut... But one thing's certain, it's longer than that one The Roots did.

Taken from Eskar's new album 'Silent Running' produced by Irn Mnky.

Included in this release is a live vinyl mix of FluteJam over classic instrumentals and breaks.

I have been orchestrating this for many months now and can’t wait for you all to hear it. I approached A LOT of artists and have had A LOT of verses submitted, most of which have not been used (as we didn’t want to saturate the track). Therefor ‘FluteJam' features 20 carefully selected UK rappers. They all kill it with there own unique styles, perceptions, accents, etc. Not a single artist sounds similar. A real mix of UK legends, some of my personal inspirations and the best up and coming artists in the game.

As you can image a track with 20 16bar verses is going to have an exceptionally long running time… And I can confirm that we have beaten the OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD (originally set by The Roots) for THE WORLD’S LONGEST POSSE CUT! I know this record will probably be copied and beaten soon quite easily, but I am proud to have done it first for the UK and to have created what I believe will go down as a classic HipHop track in the process. It seriously is something special.

In the making of this I didn't tell any of the artists involved that we were planning on breaking a record at first. This was because I wanted artists to feature on the track because they wanted to feature on the track, not because of the prospect of some big names and a world record. That to me is why I have so much time for everyone involved in this. They all love what they do to the max and put in that work with no expectations. Real HipHop.

That being said, I don't want people to think of this track as a record attempt, I want people to simply think of it as a damn good track.

Sending love to everyone involved and supporting, thank you.


released March 3, 2017

FluteJam' featuring (in order):

Sandy Minto
Spee 69
Micky Swagz
Spida Lee
Junior Disprol (from Dead Residents)
ABD (from Alphabetix)
Krankit (from Eyes Like Twenty)
Watson G (from Knew Jeruslum)
Mury P (from No Pretense)
Jolly Jay
Ciaran Mac
Obi Joe (from China Shop Bull)
Micall Parknsun

Cuts by DJ esSDee

Produced by Irn Mnky

Back To The Flu-ture mixed by Eskar & Irn Mnky

Artwork by Eskar



all rights reserved


Eskar Huddersfield, UK

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